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Patient/Family, Heart-to-Heart, Administrative, Special Events, and The Hospice Store Volunteers needed!

Please call 704-487-4677 for more information.

At Hospice of Cleveland County our volunteers are an integral part of the Hospice family. We have three types of volunteers:

  • Administrative volunteers provide clerical support to HCC organization. Also includes special events and any other volunteer opportunities that are not patient related.
  • Patient volunteers make monthly visits to patient/family and maintain written documentation on appropriate forms of all visits and submit to Patient/Family Volunteer Coordinator. These visits can include light housekeeping, running errands, social/emotional visits, read to patients, play games (card, checkers, etc.), and write notes for patients. A total of 12 hours of training is required.
  • Heart to heart volunteers provide friendly visits to patients at Wendover and Testa Family Hospice House. They also provide social/emotional support, read to patients, write notes, play games (work puzzles, checkers) etc. They can help in the facilities with laundry, water plants, answer the phone, clerical duties, help serve meals, pick up meals.

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Hospice Volunteer Understands What Brings Comfort to Patients (click here for complete article)

Online Volunteer Training now available!

Please call Krista Haynes, Patient/Family Volunteer Coordinator, at 704-751-3547 to start your online training and make a difference in someone’s life today!